After many years in the Norfolk area, Whiskey Creek® Wood Fire Grill will start a major renovation over the next few weeks.

“It’s taken way too long, but we’ve had many obstacles to overcome” said Jim Gardner, Owner and President, “not the least of which has been a major downturn in the restaurant industry over the past 7 years”.

He further states “we are a small family owned company and since 2009 we have remodeled locations in Kearney and North Platte. In between, we built a new ground up store in Brookings, South Dakota.”

The location in Norfolk required a major overhaul of its HVAC systems and a new roof 2 years ago, that totaled $135,000.

“We are now in a position to renovate the interior and exterior of the building”, said Gardner.

Plans call for a completely new building facade featuring the company’s new tower entry, log treatments, red metal roof and awning, with new tower signage and branded Whiskey Creek® exterior light fixtures. The interior will feature completely new rest rooms, new artwork, lighting, back bar, interior paint and wood work upgrades. The décor will include a more modern cowboy look to replace the old Hollywood “B” Western Art. There will also be some Native American Artwork. Patrons will still see the same Cowboy Steakhouse wood work, branded bar, and wood floors that they have become accustomed to.

Work will take place while the restaurant remains open to the public. “It is a difficult task,” said Gardner, “but we must do this to keep our valuable employees working and drawing paychecks during the holidays”.

The renovation will begin shortly and will last several months as weather dictates. Exterior work will be done in the daytime while most interior work will be done during the overnight hours. Restaurant guests will be able to see the work in progress as time goes on.

“We appreciate the patience of our guests during this process and hope that they will understand our need to remain open during this project. We will do everything in our power to cause as little disruption as possible and finish this as soon as we can. We need your support during this time!” said Gardner.

Last year, Whiskey Creek® completed the installation of over $200,000 worth of large commercial smokers to all their units. The chain is headquartered in Kearney and has 10 units in 5 states.



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