Menus - Steaks

Whiskey Creek® Steaks are all hand selected from corn fed, farm raised beef, aged to perfection, and cooked to order.  Whiskey Creek® Steaks are among the finest anywhere in the world and as always are offered with your choice of two sides.

WC The Original Whiskey Creek® Flat Iron Steak*
We were the first steakhouse chain in the world to introduce the Flat Iron Steak. USDA Choice. 6 oz., 8 oz.

"Branding Iron" Steak*
An often-overlooked gem of a steak, USDA Choice top sirloin is perfect for steak lovers who appreciate a lean and tender steak experience.  7oz.

Chopped Steak*
Covered in our Burgundy Mushrooms. 10 oz.

Top Sirloin*
A favorite among steak lovers.  This USDA Choice steak is prized for it's full bodied flavored and meaty texture. 9 oz.

Jim Beam® Sirloin*
Our juicy USDA Choice top sirloin marinated daily in small quantities. Offered while quantities last. 9 oz.

Bone-In Rib Eye*
This is our best steak ever.  Well marbled and so  delicious it will make the most seasoned cowboy shout yippie ki-yay! 20 oz.

Rib Eye* (pictured)
Hand selected, Whiskey Creek® rib eye is well marbled and delicious.  See if you agree this is one of our most flavorful steaks. 12 oz.

KC Strip*
Cut from the short loin, this lean, tender steak offers a rich texture and flavor. 11 oz.

The Big Porterhouse*
Ever take the bull by the horns?  Think of it as a KC strip and filet in one steak. The best of both worlds. 20 oz.

Bacon-Wrapped Filet Mignon
Our most tender USDA Choice steak wrapped with smoky bacon.  There are few greater pleasures!  8 oz.

Traditional Prime*
Slow roasted for hours, no peek-style until tender and hand-carved to order. Served 4 pm until it's gone. 10 oz. , 12 oz., 16 oz.

Wood-Fired Prime*
Slow roasted and finished on the wood fire grill to order, if you haven't tried it this way, you owe yourself this treat. Limited availability. 10 oz., 12 oz. or 16 oz.

Compliment your Steak
Top-any steak with burgundy mushrooms for only $2.99 • Boursin® Herb and Garlic Butter 1.99 • Peppercorn Sauce 1.99 • Sautéed Mushrooms and Onions 1.99
Add 1/3 rack of ribs for 6.99.
Rare – Cool, red center Medium Rare – Warm, red center Medium – Hot and pink throughout Medium Well – Thin, pink center Well Done – Hot and cooked throughout

*Consuming raw or undercooked MEATS, Poultry, seafood, shellfish, or EGGS may increase your RISK of food borne illness.

WC® Denotes Whiskey Creek® Signature Items