Menus - Wood Fire Grilled Steaks

Whiskey Creek® Steaks are all hand selected from Midwest, corn fed, aged to perfection, and cooked to order.  Served to you with choice of two sides.

WC The Original Whiskey Creek® Flat Iron Steak*
We were the first steakhouse chain in the world to introduce the Flat Iron Steak. USDA Choice. 6 oz., 8 oz.

"Branding Iron" Steak*
An often-overlooked gem of a steak, USDA Choice top sirloin is perfect for steak lovers who appreciate a lean and tender steak experience.  7oz.

Top Sirloin*
A favorite among steak lovers.  This USDA Choice steak is prized for it's full bodied flavored and meaty texture. 9 oz.

KC Strip*
Cut from the short loin, this lean, tender steak offers a rich texture and flavor. 11 oz.

Bacon-Wrapped Filet Mignon
Our most tender USDA Choice steak wrapped with smoky bacon.  There are few greater pleasures!  8 oz.

Rib Eye*
Hand selected, Whiskey Creek® rib eye is well marbled and delicious.  See if you agree this is one of our most flavorful steaks. 12 oz.

Bone-In Rib Eye* (pictured)
This is our best USDA Choice steak ever.  Well-marbled and so delicious! 20 oz.

Compliment your Steak
Top-any steak with burgundy mushrooms for only $2.99 • Boursin® Herb and Garlic Butter 1.99 • Peppercorn Sauce 1.99 • Sautéed Mushrooms and Onions 1.99 • Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp Skewer 3.99
Rare – Cool, red center Medium Rare – Warm, red center Medium – Hot and pink throughout Medium Well – Thin, pink center Well Done – Hot and cooked throughout

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or EGGS may increase your RISK of foodborne illness.

Whiskey Creek® Steaks cooked over full-sized logs of oak and ash!  Grilling over a wood fire allows the fat to burn off naturally - you get all the flavor and a leaner steak!

WC® Denotes Whiskey Creek® Signature Items